About the author

Oghan N’thanda, as know as Jose Roberto Vieira (or Zero), is a Brazilian writer living in Brazil and studying literature, narratives, storytelling, and occultism.

I am here to keep in touch with writers and publishing houses, also I want to improve my English and show my work. My dream is to come back to Toronto, visit Wattpad again and get famous with my books.

Could you help me to achieve my dreams? just spread my stories and invite friends to read it too.

I created and wrote the first Brazilian steamfantasy novel ” The Barony of Shoah” and a lot of other fantasy books.

I am still translating my books to English and Spanish, so keep in touch!

If you need I can communicate in Portuguese ( Brazilian and Portugal), Spanish and English.
Also, he worked for the following Publishing Houses in Brazil: Draco, Andross, Multifoco, Trasgo, Nocaute, DragonFly, Jambô, Valiant, Social Comics, EagleMoss e DC Comics.


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